A J Morris

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Retired and looking for a new interest, like many of my generation, I started to research my family tree. I was saddened to find that Gartsherrie, a place my mother had greatly loved, appeared to have been almost wiped from the pages of history.

With the demolition of Wm Baird Iron & Steel Works and the flattening of the Rows and the Institute to make way for new council housing, the history of Gartsherrie and its people appears to have simply vanished.

My best efforts on the internet turned up very little information. Even Gartsherrie Primary School and the Carnegie Library are no more.

THE LAWS OF GARTSHERRIE is my attempt to re-awaken memories of Gartsherrie and the hard working, decent people who lived out their lives within its Rows.

The sequel to THE LAWS OF GARTSHERRIE is called BEYOND GARTSHERRIE. This book commences in 1928 and follows the lives of the characters to the background of the granting of women’s suffrage and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.

The trilogy is completed with ESCAPE FROM GARTSHERRIE which chronicles the adventures of Sam Johnstone and Maria Riley who leave Coatbridge due to the religious prejudice they encounter. We first meet the couple in THE LAWS OF GARTSHERRIE, their subsequent adventures represent the many people who left Scotland to start new lives in other countries, principally Canada, Australia. New Zealand and South Africa. However, the people of Gartsherrie and Glenboig are not forgotten they join the narrative through letters.

I have also written a collection of short stories set in Cape Town called VOICES FROM THE CAPE. Each story is the voice of a person, or people, from the diverse communities who live within the truly wonderful Rainbow Nation of South Africa.


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My publishers McAlpine Media have been with me right from the early draft stage of my first book. Gary and Joanne McAlpine have been friends of my husband Paul and myself for many years. Not only do we admire them both for the professional way they research and carry out any project they take on, but they are both exceptionally kind and caring people. We also laugh a lot together - three Glaswegians and an Englishman - Paul doesn't stand a chance.

Throughout the entire process of preparing the books for the various mediums, McAlpine Media have been incredibly supportive. My computer expertise begins and ends with using my iPad. The production of the finished book is due entirely to their efforts who worked their magic through formats, ISBN numbers, legal requirements, etc.etc. Without McAlpine Media there would be no books.