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AJ Morris

The Laws of Gartsherrie

About the Book

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Set in the first quarter of the twentieth century THE LAWS of GARTSHERRIE follows the lives of two families, living and working in the Iron and Steel community of Gartsherrie, Coatbridge.

The characters are strong and believable and the plot is set against the background of the Suffragette movement and the World War.

This book will make you appreciate how fortunate you are to be living in the twenty first century. You will laugh out loud but it will also make you cry. Gartsherrie, and its people, were a rich and vibrant community who, with the closure of Baird's Iron and Steel Works, have slipped into obscurity. THE LAWS OF GARTSHERRIE gives these men, women and children a voice.
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‘An engaging read from the start. Based on a true story, not only are the twists and turns of the main two families' interwoven lives intriguing, but the historical backdrop to their story is as equally fascinating and educational. Both humorous and emotional, this is a book that is hard to put down. Can't wait for the sequel!’
- J. McAlpine

‘An enthralling story that will appeal to all ages, and brings generations together.’
- L. Dewar

‘A beautifully written tale, emotional, poignant and extremely readable. This tugged at the heart strings. Jessie and Agnes's families could be those of hundreds of poverty stricken immigrants lured to Coatbridge with the promise of work and a new life . Their presence over the years impacted on the entire county of Lanarkshire and well beyond. Watch out for more from this author.’
-Terry H Watson

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was well written and kept my interest from start to finish. I really got to care about the characters and was delighted to read the author is working on a sequel, can't wait!’
- J.M.

‘A really well written book which takes the reader to the heart of the difficulties faced by the families who lived through that era. I found it hard to put down as the characters drew me in from the start of the book when they arrived in Gartsherrie. Come on A.J.Morris - Can't wait for the sequel.’
- Amazon Customer

‘Such an interesting book. My family come from this area!’
- Lesley Black