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AJ Morris

Voices from the Cape

About the Book

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VOICES FROM THE CAPE is a collection of short stories, all set in Cape Town. Each story is the voice of a person, or people, from the diverse communities who live within the truly wonderful Rainbow Nation of South Africa.

Most of the stories have a little, sometimes quite a big, ‘nod’ to Scotland.

The stories are poignant, funny, hopeful and some unashamedly political.

The characters are mainly from my imagination, although a number are based on real people and the reality of the lives they live.

The book was written while I was staying at a cottage in Cape Town, especially for my dear friend Jane. A friendship which dates back to our school days in Coatbridge, Scotland.

I would send her a story by email every few days. A tale just long enough to read with a cup of coffee, preferably a wee cappuccino. Jane would then email me back her comments. ‘Our names are Alma and Russell’, was Jane’s particular favourite.
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Reviews coming soon.