Welcome to my wee blog. This is all very new to me but as my mother used to say:

"You might as well be oot the world as oot the fashion" - so here goes...


For years now I have ensured that all photographs of me NEVER show sticks, wheelchair or electric scooter. I suppose because I’ve never seen myself as disabled, and don’t ever see myself as having a disability...

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At long last the final book in the Gartsherrie trilogy, ESCAPE FROM GARTSHERRIE, is complete.

The book was written by Alexandra Morris as a companion to THE LAWS OF GARTSHERRIE and BEYOND GARTSHERRIE...

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Escape From Gartsherrie is almost complete.

Here I am in the Kingsmill Hotel, Inverness working on the final edits.

My publishers, McAlpine Graphics are currently working on the cover design, so I hope that the third Gartsherrie book will be complete soon.

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Christine Revell Children's Home

I just thought I'd post an update on where we donate any monies from the three books:
The Laws of Gartsherrie, Beyond Gartsherrie and Voices From the Cape.

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Voices from the Cape - Reprinted.

We are back in our beloved Cape Town - catching up with friends, enjoying the beautiful summer and joy of joys living in a ‘Brexit Free’ zone. If only I could sabotage Sky News my happiness would be complete.

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