Welcome to my wee blog. This is all very new to me but as my mother used to say:

"You might as well be oot the world as oot the fashion" - so here goes...

Voices from the Cape - Reprinted.

Voices from the Cape Cover

We are back in our beloved Cape Town - catching up with friends, enjoying the beautiful summer and joy of joys living in a ‘Brexit Free’ zone. If only I could sabotage Sky News my happiness would be complete.

I’ve added a couple of new stories, and reprinted Voices from the Cape. One of the new stories is The Further Adventures of Anna and Dorcas. I am very fond of ‘The Ladies’ and at some point I would really quite like to give them their own book.

Talking to my friend and fellow Coatbridge author Terry Watson, she also has certain characters that just feel real and special, it's as if you really know and understand them. Mind you Terry writes mainly crime books - she can just use her pen (ok computer) to kill the baddies off - for a lovely woman she sure knows how to kill.......some of her family think she is turning into a psychopath. Read ‘Call Mama.