Welcome to my wee blog. This is all very new to me but as my mother used to say:

"You might as well be oot the world as oot the fashion" - so here goes...

Christine Revell Children's Home - Please Help

Firstly, thought I would let you know a little bit about the care the dedicated staff at Christine Revell provide for the many children who pass through their doors.

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Friends in Scotland:

If you are involved with a Guild, Luncheon Club, Disabled Group, etc. etc. And, you would like a speaker next year - I would be delighted to come along. Yes, at the end of my presentation I will offer copies of : Voices From the Cape for sale. All profits will find their way back to Christine Revell Children's Home in Athlone. Donations will be given by way of a "wish list" - the staff will tell me what they would like me to purchase - perhaps toys, or swimming lessons, books, clothes. Whatever they need at the given time.