Welcome to my wee blog. This is all very new to me but as my mother used to say:

"You might as well be oot the world as oot the fashion" - so here goes...

Our Publicity Managers

My friend Terry, Sunday name, Teresa Watson, is another local author. Her books Call Mama and Scamper's Find are excellent, I hear a whisper she is presently working on the final book in the trilogy. Terry has a wonderful husband called Drew - her 'unpaid' Publicity Manager.

Well, I think he has been giving my other half secret lessons on how to promote a book. I am your typical West of Scotland, "keep your light under a bushel" and "no blowing your own trumpet" sort of girl .......which is probably not at all the right attitude to adopt when trying to promote a book.

Since landing in Africa I am constantly terrified as to when my husband's publicity machine will next rock into action.

Example, a lovely young woman held a door open for us today, Debbie, we entered into a conversation. At this point I should say Cape Town is like Glasgow - everyone likes a good blether. Well, before I could stop him Paul had launched into Voices From The Cape marketing mode.

Bless, she put the details on her phone and is going to mention the book in her blog.

I am going to keep his other marketing ideas secret for the time being...................shhhhhh